Best places to eat in Marrakech - Atay Cafe - Rooftop

7 best places to eat in Marrakech

One of the things that we enjoy the most when travelling is probably finding really good spots to have lunch and dinner. Also, trying local food is a priority for us every time we visit a new city or a new country. So we thought that sharing 7 best places to eat in Marrakech was going to be our first post! (well technically the second). So, please grab a coffee or a glass of wine or whatever you want and enjoy the post and the tips below, hope you like them and find them useful!

1. Nomad

Spread over 4 floors, with intimate dining rooms and two levels of terraces that offer fantastic views of the surrounding Medina and Atlas mountain range (when visible between November and May), Nomad is perfect for both lunch and dinner, or to simply repose from the hustle and bustle of the souks with a much-needed drink. The restaurant serves simple “Modern Moroccan” cuisine: revisions of traditional local cuisine and international dishes with a Moroccan twist. We went to Nomad to have dinner and it was a great experience.

2. Atay Cafe

A perfect spot to have a break in the medina, Atay Café has three terraces, all lined with soft benches that are perfect for lounging on. Here, no matter what angle you take a holiday pic you can be sure there will be at least one mosque and a slice of the Atlas Mountains in the background. They serve tagines, soups and salads and there are also some great pasta dishes for those who fancy a change. We went back at least twice!

3. I limoni

I limoni is a beautiful Riad style setting where you will find yourself having dinner surrounded by lemon trees. Authentic pasta dishes as the owners are Italian, but also some Moroccan style dishes too. A great choice in the less touristic and glamorous area of Marrakech.

4. In a Riad

Having lunch or dinner in the Riad where you’re hosted can be a really good alternative for those who fancy an authentic local meal with fresh ingredients. We had dinner in the Riad where we stayed a couple of nights and it was a great choice too.

5. La Mamounia

La Mamounia is one of the most famous hotels in Marrakech. We had the pleasure to be able to take photographs and also enjoy a lovely breakfast buffet on the terrace.

6. Riad Be Marrakech

The Riad is located in the middle of the souk. It’s an authentic and unique place full of local history, tradition, art, and food. They bring Moroccan culture to the surface and open the doors offering food and different activities to the world. You can just go and visit the Riad (we recommend to contact them before going),  have lunch, or a refreshing drink.

7. Street food

Jemaa el-Fnaa is a square and market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter. It remains the main square of Marrakesh, used by locals and tourists and if you’re looking for a quick snack or you just fancy trying street food, we think it deserves to be in the list of best places to eat in Marrakech.