Green leaf photographed in Bali


I will always remember my trip to Bali as one of the most special, amazing trips I’ve ever done in my life for work. I went all the way down to Indonesia on my own to take pictures of the lifestyle, beautiful beaches, people and culture in Bali for a packaging project made of products from Bali. I visited: Ubud, Nusa Lembongan, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Changu.

Read on to find out amazing travel photography in Bali, where to go, where to stay, see, & do, the Bali trip map and much more.


Ubud: I stayed in this amazing hotel but if you’re looking for something funky, you can go to one of these beautiful hotels: Bisma Eight or Bambu Indah
Nusa Lembongan: Sukanusa Luxury Huts was the place I stayed on this lovely island.
Seminyak: I stayed at Harris hotel, but if you’re looking for something more special, you can try Katamama, a little tropical oasis with so much attention to artisan detail.

Eat & Drink

↠ Take a walk through the rice fields out to gorgeous Sari Organik.
↠ Have delicious curries at Kismet Cafe.
↠ Have a fancy dinner at Copper, the restaurant in Bisma Eight.
↠ Have lunch at Alchemy.
↠ Have a refreshing dragonfruit juice at Bar Luna (amazing views and place).

Nusa Lembongan:
↠ Have lunch with stunning views at the Deck bar.

↠ Have a colourful Mexican meal at Motel Mexicola.
↠ Have a cocktail at Potato Head while watching the sunset.
↠ Eat delicious Indonesian food on the terrace at Kaum. It’s above Potato Head and is a great alternative for sunset if you want something more relaxed.
↠ Grab a cocktail at La Favela.
↠ Have a coffee at Revolver Coffee.

↠ Near Uluwatu Temple, you will find a cluster of restaurants at Blue Point Beach. This includes Single Fin and a number of local places down the cliff closer to the water. This is a lovely spot for sunset.

Se & Do

↠ Check out Tegenungan waterfall – a bit touristy but really worthy.
↠ Have a walk along the rice fields (very impressive).
↠ Try to go (early in the morning) to the Campuhan Ridge Walk (a lovely hidden spot).
↠ Go to a Yoga class!
↠ Try to visit the market and the monkey forest

Nusa Lembongan:
↠ If you can, hire a motorbike and visit the whole island (it can take a couple of hours max).
↠ Go snorkelling or even diving (if you’re brave ;)).

↠ Have a lovely afternoon being spoiled at Bodyworks spa.
↠ Have a walk along the streets and do some shopping.
↠ Check out all the beach restaurants and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset.

↠ Visit the gorgeous Uluwatu Temple, around sunset, is a great time to go.
↠ Ok, so you’re probably in Uluwatu for the beaches, my favourites were Padang Padang BeachBingin Beach and Sulaban Beach

1. First stop: Ubud, the place for waterfalls, temples and stunning rice terraces

Try to get lost in the city and check out the lovely market

Travel photography Bali - Ubud - Campuhan Ridge walk - Panoramic view
Travel photography Bali - Ubud - Campuhan Ridge walk
Travel photography Bali - Ubud - Campuhan Ridge walk - Palm tree
Travel photography Bali - Ubud - Campuhan Ridge walk - local woman

Campuhan ridge walk

Try to go really early in the morning, or at sunset time to avoid tourists.

Palm trees everywhere

Ubud is known as one of the greenest places of Bali, can you tell why? 🙂

Ask locals

People in Ubud are super friendly (like the rest of Bali) and I always tend to ask first when I want to take pictures of someone.


2. Second stop: Nusa Lembongan, a lovely little island, only 40 min away by boat, from the mainland

Small boats in Bali beach

Rent a motorbike

And visit the whole island while discovering beautiful gems like this one. I loved it!

Rough-ish sea in Bali

Try to visit the different beaches

There’re a few different beaches, but you can actually see all of them in one day.

Laundromat in Bali
Cocktail on the beach. Bali
Surfer/Singer in bali
Pagoda in Bali

3. Third stop: Seminyak – well known as the most trendy place in Bali for their instagrammable coffee shops, hipster places to go out and cute little shops

Travel photography Bali - Breakfast - Latte - Bowl - Food
Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Religion billboard
Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Bikini Shop
Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Women in Mexican restaurant
Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Posts on wall
Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Coloured house

Sea Circus

This colourful wall has gone viral on Instagram!

Travel photography Bali-Nusa-Lembongan-Woman-in-cafe
Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Mexican restaurant 04

Motel Mexicola

This colourful restaurant was without any doubt one of my favourites places in this city.

Travel photography Bali - Nusa-Lembongan - Green wall
Travel photography Bali - Seminyak - Motel Mexicola - Wallpaper
Travel photography Bali - Padang Padang Beach - Surfer

4. Fourth stop: Uluwatu and Canngu – famous for their beaches full of surfers

Travel photography Bali - Padang Padang Beach - Surfer
Travel photography Bali - Padang Padang Beach - Single Fin bar
Travel photography Bali - Pagang Padang Beach - Surfboard maker
Travel photography Bali - Uluwatu - Walk to the Temple
Travel photography Bali - Uluwatu - Selfie
Travel photography Bali - Uluwatu - Group photo
Travel photography Bali - Uluwatu - Temple ticket seller
Travel photography Bali - Ubud Market - Coconut
Travel photography Bali - Ubud Market - Wicker baskets
Travel photography Bali - Ubud Market - Straw bag shop

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